The psychology of a scrapbooker…

I have been a scrapbooker for almost twelve years. During these year, I have not only accomplished my love for paper, I have also learned that for me, the memorykeeping is just as imortant as the… well, hoarding.

Some scrapbookers say that they are not hoarders, and man how I envy those. Even though I love to be surrounded by my stash of paper and embellishment, there is also a Little bit of stress in that satisfactory feeling. I am often overwhelmed by all things. When I found Project Life, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to get a fresh start. Buy one… or maybe a few Core Kits and just work with them. Well, you all can guess how that went. One Core Kit grows pretty fast to three or four, and before you know it you don’t have room to stash all those cartons.

My next problem will be to match all those journaling cards with embellishment. One pack of Wood veneer, one pack of Enamel Dots… when will I have time to use all this up?

Even as a scrapbooker, I try to buy things in ”kits” and match my patterned paper and embellisment. In this way, it’s easier. Just pull out your latest order and get going. I have also tried a countless number of kit clubs. What I like about these, is that I get stuff I might not have chosen myself. When you see that pink elephant shaped chipboard in the store, you might think that you would never use it but when you get it in a kit club and place it on a layout, you suddenly love it!

That’s what I love about kit clubs.

Personally, I prefer Kit Clubs where I don’t get the entire pack of things. Of course it is more satisying looking at a new, unopened pack of embellishment, but it is also very unsatisying to see it lying unused in my drawer.

Plus, the thing about Project Life is that you need non-bulky embellishment. This is of course a great opportunity to get your shopping finger work a little. But this also means that you soon have to buy a new Bookshelf, a new Råskog trolley or something like that.

Phew, who would have thought that I would be all sweaty thinking about that?

Well, of course I overact a little bit. But wouldn’t it be Lovely to recieve a bag full of matching embellishment to fit your Project Life, every month!?
The idea about the Green Hyena Co. is to provide a monthly kit, that immeiately inspire you to sit down by your crafting table and actually Craft! I have made the kits I would like to use myself. And if you’re thinking ”well, maybe she is that kind of person who likes to mix brown and yellow with black satin ribbon and  paper with aqua teddy bears?” I can reassure you that even though Brown and yellow are the actual colors of a hyena, I won’t. Promise.

I can almost guarantee you will love our kits. We have well known brands as Heidi Swapp, Lawn Fawn, Dear Lizzy and Martha Stewart packed in our first kit. We will also have a speciel edition kit in December that I’m especially excited about. This will have a bit of a vintage feel.

So keep your Eyes open, we will post sneak peeks here soon!



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Monthly kits for Project Life and scrapbooking

Monthly kits for Project Life and scrapbooking

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